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Themed Parties for Kids


At Kenaly Circles we provide an intimate venue for fun-filled parties for children and their close circle of friends. Here at Kenaly Circles we pride ourselves with providing a fun and care-free environment for parents and their children to let loose and celebrate joyous occasions. We offer themed parties such as carnival, pirate, cowboy, etc. However, we welcome all themes and will bring your vision for your child's party to life!


During parties, we can teach kids how to make fun and unique crafts that tie in to the party theme. Kid's don’t have to be “crafty” but we promise you that we will teach them how to create something of which they will be very proud!  And everyone will have lots of fun at the same time!


This is a time for your child to socialize with friends and family while celebrating an event in a fun and unique way.  You can schedule one of our themed parties or you can book the venue as a blank slate, in which you would decorate and plan the party.